Lotd: 100

Hair *Soonsiki~ Diamond Gift
Eyebrow .:DA:. Raised Straw Pixel Esthetics
Glasses Outfit AsHmOoT Acc Coll by. Designer Circle
Freckles *Milk* Odd Beauty Gift
Teeth [PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
Sweater Outfit  AsHmOoT Coll Shirt by. Designer Circle
Bag [BUC] Daisy Outcast Backpack
Nails Slink App. Glaze Face Values
Potato Pringles Eat and Drink
Pants Bens Boutique Sakura Medium
Boots Outfit AsHmOot Coll Casual by. Designer Circle

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Ceyron Louis

Hello my name is Natallia Elan, any questions feel free to ask me, just scroll the page to the end and look down at the bottom left and contact me.

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