Lotd: 102

Hair enVOGUE Kendra Ombre
Skin ..::AYA::.. Ada Oak Buff Natural 
Eyebrow .:DA:. Arched Caramel Pixel Esthetics
Messy Mouth {Sugar Heart} Tintable
Owlz .TMC. Sushi Gacha RARE by. The Arcade Gacha
Shirt + Underwear {dollle*} 080 Unbuttoned Loose Pink 
Drink Milky Hot Chocolate Label Motion subscriber Gift 
Slipper *BOOM* Animal unicorn by. The Arcade Gacha
Dog Weenie ~silentsparrow~ Sadie RARE by. The Arcade Gacha
Violao Pose Dirty Glory
 Pig Mutresse Sleep by. The Arcade Gacha
Valentine Panda Love JubJubs Stuff
Scene room *CS* My Boo
Shape by. Natallia Elan

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Ceyron Louis

Hello my name is Natallia Elan, any questions feel free to ask me, just scroll the page to the end and look down at the bottom left and contact me.

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