Lotd: 4

Hair BooN TUN247 Blonde
Earrings Action Geo Stone 
Piercing Hebenon Vial Jewel Gold the :HV:
Ring Skull Ryca Gold
Nails Slink Appliers Hello Dave
Dress Incert Studded Up !(Devour)! por: Fi Friday App
Heels >.H.C.< SHARON 1.5 Hyperion Créations

Chegou sexta-feira e não esqueçi de comprar e deixar meu look pronto, e ai meninas estão prontas para arrazar sexta à noite? 

"Sexta a noite Fi Friday"

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Ceyron Louis

Hello my name is Natallia Elan, any questions feel free to ask me, just scroll the page to the end and look down at the bottom left and contact me.

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