If you like my work i am currently accepting sponsors and reviewing pieces. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I blog clothes, hair, fur, shoes and accessories and makeup. 
If your items fit into a certain style I'll look for them and will use them. I understand that i prefer for my sponsors, so it's harder i blog other stores. The blog has only one author, friends and guests are marked with the name.
If i am sponsored by your store, i can not blog all the items at once. Please be patient with me as i blog as i see fit for a style that I'm doing.
Please understand that i do not spend 24 hours of my life in SL, i have work study family and RL friends too. If i do not blog a week or two as required because it is something more important happened RL, understand that it is not personal.
Before sending review copies please contact me, i do not accept items or random groups.
The photos are taken by me, with my avatar and copyrighted.

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